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Northbrook Opening Night 2017 Opening Night 2017
By: Rob Curtis / PSIMET

Last Thursday night was the opening night at the Northbrook Velodrome for the 2017 track cycling season. It was well attended with everyone seemingly in a great mood and happy to be back at the track and racing. The 3 sessions were: A – Scratch Race, B- Points Race, C- Unknown distance. The beautiful weather meant that for the first time in a long time we didn’t need to fish out thermals for opening night although blankets were in short supply by the end of the racing.

Lots of good racing was taking place across the board. Quite a few juniors showed up. The women’s 4/5 group saw a lot of newer riders. Some trying track for their first time as well.

Val Brostrom/Bouledogue Tout Noir tried a new experiment by live streaming the coverage on Facebook Live. “The live stream is awesome. I cut the grass and now I’m watching the Northbrook Track racing. This is cool.” A mild wreck in one of the men’s races cut the initial live stream short as Val went to check on the status of the rider but it was quickly restored. In order to continue to do the same in the future Val has asked and looked for anyone who might be able to volunteer to do it.

Big story of the night was what I witnessed in the men’s p/1/2/3 races. Tyler George / xXx Racing and Jake Buescher / xXx Racing put on a bit of a show throughout the night. Making sure they were in every move and playing the points games during the points race like seasoned pros. Johnnie Kuhfahl kept everyone honest by instigating a lot of the movement throughout the race and keeping all of his competitors on their toes. Seeing these three trade blows was a treat to both experienced and novice spectators alike.

I personally couldn’t help but find a striking resemblance between Jake and Tyler’s work and their fellow xXx Racing predecessors Dave Moyer and Liam Donoghue.”That’s kind of what we are going for,” said Buescher when asked. If that is their plan then I know we are in for one heck of a season out at the track that should be filled with excitement.

For the first time the track awarded a most aggressive/animated rider of the night and the first winners were Katie Isermann / PSIMET Racing and Mike Kirby / xXx Racing.

Check out this Thursday’s races! Don’t miss out. If you have questions about how to get involved at the track there are Monday night clinics that will explain everything but when in doubt come out and watch some racing and ask some questions.

Celebrity sightings:
John Vandevelde
Rich Weiss
Maria Larkin
Avi Neurohr
Francine and Brian Haas
Steve Feehery
Big Rod De Jesus
Kennen Hootman
Chris Gola
PJ Cavoto
Jason Garner

Results – Pending.

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